"The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members." – Coretta Scott King

Recent media attention has shared a good perspective on insecurities and concerns tenants at the Waltham Field Station share for the future our of tenancy, farmland and community gardens. We are eager to share that our farmers and educators have a vibrant season to look ahead to in 2019. A season full of educational programming, outreach and distribution of sustainably grown food to the residents of Waltham and neighboring communities in need of greater access to fresh healthy foods. We look forward to strengthening and growing our relationships with community service organizations so that we can nourish those most in need.

In June, we learned the University of Massachusetts intends to close our administrative home on December 31, 2019. Communications with the University have not specified the future for our farmland. Since then, we have advocated for individuals to share their voice and concerns with Waltham's City Councilors as well as our MA State Representative John Lawn and MA Senator Mike Barrett. We hope our members, shareholders, neighbors, and concern citizens will consider this gesture on behalf of WFCF and all the valued tenants (Grow Native Massachusetts, Mass Farmers Markets, Boston Area Gleaners and GROW Community Garden) currently housed in the Waltham Field Station. Please share your words with us if you do! We hope residents of Waltham will offer their voices and explain how this land and the non-profit organizations operating from it, have impacted and nourished their lives and families.

We feel optimistic at this time and are hopeful for a transfer of the land to the City of Waltham, just as our original benefactor, Cornelia Warren intended, as well as an initiative to protect our agricultural future for generations to come. We are being respectful of this process while also collecting resources should a larger support campaign prove necessary. If we receive any indication that a transaction with this City is in immediate jeopardy, or does not preserve the existing farmland or our protect our organization's tenancy, then we will absolutely share with our community and sound a loud call of action for support! 

We are so grateful for all the support extended to Waltham Fields Community Farm thus far and look forward to a nourishing future together!

We are excited for our 2019 season of hands-on farm fresh education programs and a bountiful year in our fields!