What’s the difference between being a member and a shareholder?

Members of Waltham Fields Community Farm pay annual dues of $30 per household. These funds are used to support the charitable programs of the organization: our Hunger Relief Program, Learning Garden educational programs, Outreach Program, and Service Learning Program.

Shareholders of Waltham Fields Community Farm pay for a share of our harvest. Funds from the sales of shares are used exclusively to pay for the costs of producing that food.

Are all members also shareholders?

No. There are many wonderful people in our community who are members because they support the work that we do, but are not shareholders.

Are all shareholders also members?

Yes. We do ask that in order to purchase a share, or split a share, each household also initiates or renews their membership.

Why is membership important?

Membership dues account for approximately 10% of the funds raised each year to make our charitable programs possible. In addition, a strong membership base provides clout for Waltham Fields Community Farm, which is especially important given that our entire land base is currently held in year to year leases.

How long does my membership last?

Memberships last for 12 months from the date that dues are paid. We will send out lapsed membership notices by email on a quarterly basis, including a notice in our Annual Appeal in the fall.

What are the benefits of membership?

Membership benefits include:

  • a subscription to our Farm Friends e-newsletter (providing updates on our programs, opportunities to get involved, and serving as your portal to the local food/farm scene)
  • the opportunity to be on our CSA wait list
  • a discount on entrance to any ticketed event
  • a discount on farm merchandise (new t-shirts are in the works!)
  • voting rights at our annual meeting.

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